Opening the Feng Shui Toolbox

December 15, 2017


Many people have heard of the term Feng Shui before and yet don't fully understand what it is or how it affects us. In general, Feng Shui is perceived as just rearranging furniture when in fact it can be more accurately described as the art of purposefully arranging the things around you with the intention of gaining positive results.


The things that most affect our lives are the things closest to us, our thoughts,  the food we put in our body and the environment in which we live. Feng Shui focuses on the environment and the energy within it.


All matter in the universe is placed next to something else creating a spatial relationship known of as Feng Shui.  For the purpose of understanding how Feng Shui works, think of everything around you already in a state of Feng Shui and you purposefully changing it for the better.


The Bagua Map


Everything that happens in life can be put into 9 life situations:


  1. Prosperity

  2. Fame and Reputation

  3. Relationships and Love

  4. Family

  5. Health

  6. Creativity and Children

  7. Skills and Knowledge

  8. Helpful people and Travel

  9. Career


These life situations are spatially represented in your living environment. Use the following diagram to discover which areas in your living quarters correspond to each "gua".



 Image By Karen Rauch Carter, Move your stuff, change your life



As a brief introduction, here are the elements and hazard items for each gua.  As you are having fun with Feng Shui, do remember the golden rule: Never fix what isn't broken. Here is the quick run down of the elements that enhance and hurt each gua.


Prosperity   By awakening the energy in this gua you could expect to get a raise, receive unexpected money, have more money, establish a stable income, enjoy  the more luxurious things life has to offer and love the things you already have.


Tools: Purple is THE color for this area, so are green and red. Gold stuff which is naturally a symbol of abundance, moving water, round-leaved plants, moving objects.


Hazards: Broken stuff, dirt and dust, reminders of bad times, trash cans, dead plants, fire places and toilets.


Fame and reputation  By enhancing this area you can expect to protect your good reputation, become known, accept yourself, gain respect from family, colleagues, friends and strangers, get the credit you deserve, increase or improve your business or even gain the courage to do something you've been afraid to do.


Tools: Fire ( lanterns, candles, fireplace, incense burner), lights, red is THE color here but no red lights.  Triangular objects, anything made of wood, the color green, televisions, rectangular and columnar objects, things made from animals, plants, celebrity memorabilia, awards and things you have earned or won, your personal wish list of what you hope to obtain by enhancing this gua should be here ( written on red paper), anything that is upward or pointy like a volcano and real mountains. If your house happens to have a big mountain directly behind it you don't need to do anything to enhance this gua.


Hazards: Water, the color black, mirrors, anything that symbolizes what you are not about, like pictures of pigs, get the idea. If you have a pool in your backyard with nothing around it you definitely want to look into placing lots of vases and plants are around the pool.



Relationships and Love  By enhancing the energy in this gua you can find a meaningful relationship, get married, get back the lust in your relationship, get along better with everyone and begin to trust people again.


Tools: Mirrors, candles, hot tubs, fresh flowers, red, pink, lingerie, sensual sounds, symbols that mean love and equality to you, and two of things- for example 2 candles or 2 pictures.


Hazards: No negative images or unfriendly stuff, no cold things like a refrigerator, no games whatsoever, no storage area and no distractions like a tv, most importantly you do not want single stuff here or dirt and absolutely no weapons, knives or sharp scissors.



Creativity and children  If you want to get pregnant, come up with new ideas, cure writer's block or even slow down the aging process, by enhancing this area you can have major life changes and even improve your relationship with your kids, nieces, nephews.


Tools: Metal, white, round things, earth related things and earth colors, yellow, flat or square things, TV’s, toys and games, candy, art, music, hobby stuff, craft stuff, beds are good here, lights, bells, anything that symbolizes creativity and/or children to you.


Hazards: Fire, red, triangular or pointy things. No candles. If you have a fireplace here, hang a mirror over it. If anything at all is blocked here like a door or walkway cure it. * Never place pictures of people on fire place mantels, you will find these people will often times have fevers.



Helpful People and Travel  Enhance this area of your home for things to run smoothly, to travel less or more, to make traveling more fun, to get help and attract the right people, the best doctors and great business partners and clients, to find yourself in the right place at the right time -all the time.


Tools: Silver, gray, symbols of helpful beings, religious objects, bells, water, hands (think helping hands), symbols of your favorite places and places you want to go.


Hazards: Junk, drains, dirt and dust, broken things, trash cans, toilets and anything that remind you of broke and bad times.



Career and Life Path  Get the Ch'i flowing here and you will find that your business will boom, you'll get a job or like your job, make more money and find your true calling.


Tools: Black is THE color, water, undulating shapes,  mirrors, glass, metal, white, anything round, things that symbolize the life path you want to be on.


Hazards: Dirt, squares, earth toned colors, pictures of things you would never want to do in your life.


Skills and knowledge  If you're tired of wearing the dunce hat and want better grades in school, want to make good decisions, attract opportunities, have better relationships, be more creative or be a better business person, use Ch'i to your benefit.


Tools: Blue is THE color here, lots of light, food, things that remind you of wisdom, symbols or images of wise people, metal, water, black, green, wood, meditation items, alters of gratitude and anything that represents the skills or knowledge you want to acquire.


Hazards: Clutter, prescription or recreational drugs, alcohol and tobacco. If you have a bar here try balancing it out by having some healthy stuff available too.



Family  By enhancing this area you can expect to have the money you need for the basic things in life, improve your sex life, confront challenges with less stress and more confidence, improve your family relationships and bring harmony into family business, you can also expect for your in-laws to treat you better, find emotional stability, make better decisions and even get a promotion.


Tools: Wood, green plants, rectangular or columnar objects, water, black, undulating shapes.


Hazards: Metal, white, round stuff, tiny little trees, guns or other weapons or hunting items,  knives, broken stuff, aggressive stuff.



Health  Enhance this area of your home for great health, to obtain a sense of balance in your life and to improve any other situations in your life that you couldn't fit  into any other area of the bagua.


Tools: Earth, things made from earth, fruit, funny things, yellow, gold and earth tones, squares, symbols of earth, fire, horizontal or flat things, religious items, red, triangular or pointy items.


Hazards: Wood, green, columnar or rectangular objects and definitely no spiral staircases. If you do have a spiral staircase and can't remove it there are a few things you can do to cure the situation.



Stay tuned for more Feng Shui  tips to come!


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