Gaining financial flow with Feng Shui

December 26, 2018



In Feng Shui, there are two guas that correspond to money: the The prosperity gua , which refers to the more luxurious things in life  and the family gua which refers not only to family well-being but also having enough money to cover bills and necessities, being able to support your family financially basically.


Here are some tips to pump up your finances:

  1. The most important thing you can do is to clean these two areas of the home very well. No dust, dirt, broken items, trash cans, dead plants, fireplaces, toilets, reminders of bad or broke times. If you have a toilet in one of these areas, you can cure it with Feng Shui remedies using red tape, keep on reading to find out how.

  2. Do enhance the area using any of these colors:  purple, green, red and gold. Get creative with your decor by placing items/images that symbolize abundance to you in these areas. Moving water and round leaved plants are powerful in these guas as well.

  3. Fix leaky faucets and broken toilets. Your money could literally be flushing down the drain, especially true if it seems as if when money comes in, it goes right back out.

  4. Clear clutter. Clutter creates stagnant energy and blocks the flow of chi in your home. So clutter in any area of your home can block the flow of energy to all the other guas. If you are in a bad financial place and also have a lot of clutter built up in your house, the first thing you should do is work on clearing it. If you need help with this task, contact me as it is one of the services I offer.


You can use the color red to achieve a great deal of things in Feng Shui. For the purpose of this blog post, I'll focus on the task at hand. You can use red tape to easily and quickly cure a toilet problem in the prosperity/family gua. Just go grab some red plumbers tape and wrap it around all the pipes and drains in the bathroom. Do it in a way that it can't be seen. I personally used red fingernail polish and painted the inner area of the shower drain. You can use the color red to stop energy or to call energy, it depends on what your intentions are. 


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