Using plants to welcome and protect

February 13, 2019



Plants are very powerful in Feng Shui. They are living, full of energy and beauty. When choosing plants and flowers this coming Spring, there are a few things you can do to pump up the curb appeal in a protecting, yet welcoming way. 


The most important thing you want to do is balance the number of pointy-leaved plants with round-leaved plants. Pointy plants symbolize and bring about a protective energy to the home. However, you will need to also include soft, round-leaved flowers and plants which are welcoming and inviting. Too many pointy plants will give off a message of hostility or aggression, surely warding off anyone with bad intentions, however you also want to have a home that is welcoming and inviting for friends and guests as well. 

*This is especially true if you are putting your house on the market to sell.


Another thing you should make sure to do is to remove all dead plants and trees. Dead plants and trees create stagnant energy and that will work against you in every way. So please, no dead plants in or out of the house. 


Finally, don't block the walkway up to the front door with your plants (or any other objects). Chi- energy -comes in from the front door and circulates throughout your home, if your front door or the path to the front door is blocked by objects or plants, the energy can't get inside and do its magic. 


Other tips:


Turbo charge your Feng Shui by placing wind chimes at your front door, have a thick welcoming welcome mat and an easy to find address and mailbox to give your home a strong Feng Shui boost. 





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